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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This Is Not The Time.............Darn!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not the time to whine,
This is not the time for who is thine,
This is not the time to sit,
This is the time to be fit,

This is not the time for escapades,
This is not the time for scharrades,
This is not the time to mourn,
This is the time for our own,

This is not the time for eloquent grotesque,
This is not the time for emotional finesse,
This is not the time to yearn,
This is the time to learn,

This is not the time to fight,
This is not the time to go out of sight,
This is not the time to waste,
This is the time to gather some haste,

This is not the time to cry,
This is not the time to sigh,
This is not the time to jolt,
This is the time to be a lightning bolt,

This is not the time for the tired soul,
This is not a time for an unrealistic goal,
This is not the time to cry,
This is the time to try.

For time only only waits for those who help themselves................Hope I have made good sense out of time..............Later

Monday, May 29, 2006

De Blogger.....................My Mentor

This post is dedicated to that one person who actually got me blogging..........I met her through a friend........when I saw her blogsite I was very enamoured ad got the motivation that I should also blog. She stays in delhi..........she is a real sweetheart and a very easy going person.........you must be thinking.........get out with her name already..........u have to read the entire post for me to divulge that name. I must say that our friendship has been thorugh a lotta ups and down but somehow we have maitained our friendship..........der were times where I thought negative about her.........der were times where i did'nt care..........but I know something she is always there for me like the guiding star in de darkest night..........I have a lot to thank her for , I have a lot to say. She will always be close to me as long as i am there. She deserves to be applauded, she deserves to be praised. She is very familiar with many a blogger............n she is the one and only Ishita. Thanx Ishita you will always be cherished and exalted i my love. God bless you and Rajiv n Puki.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ton..........Slammed bam thank you maam

I did it finall...........i have slammed de ton...........finished watching American Pie 3 (American Wedding) 100 times. And you know wat??...it still amuses me as de way it did de first time. Man i reall love this movie so much. Sean William Scott you rock man!!!!!!!!. Its like I reall know this movie's script by heart (hate de censored version). For those who have not seen it m advice to you is to go and watch and believe me you will have a riot of a time. Did'nt like the first two parts so much. Wat I really love about this movie is the boldness of the director is depicting the average american dude (which is awesome). Its like you watch so man movies but there is always this one that clicks on to your mind in such a way dat you will like you were born to watch this movie. I am a movie buff..........love to download as well as going to de talkies. This movie is a real charmer if you watch it when you are sad...............does the trick 4 me. There should be like a fan club for this movie. I guess everyone has their favourite but for me its American Pie 24x7...........like a 25 to life effect. Rock on dudes.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hurt................So Close No Matter How Far Away

I have just realized that life is always a struggle. I did'nt realize it the hard way but in due course of time I have learnt a very valuable lesson. My earlier post on pain have really educated me on how to cope up with the pain and stress that "the precious life" has to offer. Trust me when I tell you this...............it is not easy at the start........it can get vicious but then the hope we get that one day life will be better keeps us going on. "It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all".............i so believe in this. We are human beings after all, we have feelings which comes from our so called heart so we are bound to get emotional and hurt in the due couse of time, but trust me sometimes we just have to learn the HARD WAY. Once we get over the hurt we do become more alert and strong people to face all the greater challenges that life has got to offer. Hurt is inevitible but the real person is discerned by how he/she cope's up with the hurt. Take it easy, don't tense yourself and trust in god.............you will pull it through as a WINNER

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Where there is love there is always pain,
Sometimes it makes you insane,

Just hang i there, there is always hope,
This is not some dumb soap,

Pain in difficult, pain is there,
Wherever you are it is always there,

I know pain it is this darn feeling,
Like happiness it is always reeling,

Pain will hurt, pain will ache,
Please bear it for god's sake,

Pain in hard, but you should always smile,
Just bear it and walk the extra mile,

Where there is a heart, there is always pain,
Its like a walk through memory lane,

I must close now, but hear me say
"No pain no gain"

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Love So true

Onto the sea
I sailed my boat
And prayed that it
Would stay afloat

From dawn til dusk
From dusk til dawn
In search of love
I drifted on

What happened then
I don't recall
I think it was
A sudden squall

For when I awoke
I thought I died
At the sight of an angel
At my side

But lucky for me
That was not true
For I found love
And love was you.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Courage is when all is failing,
Courage is when all is ailing,

Courage is your inner sterngth,
To say never say die in total depth,

Courage is always there to give you hope,
When all what you can do is cant cope,

Courage will always fire like the inner flame,
When all what others do is blame,

Trust in it and it will always guide you,
It will never do anything to deride you,

Hold on to it and you will see,
How it will abide by thee,

"Dont give up", thats wat it only says,
Live by that and will always pay,

Courage brother do not stumble,
There is a star to guide your way.